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Posted 14-12-2017

Primary Window - Assembly


“The Assembly is a great way to bring the school together”.

Assembly provides a platform for the students to gain experience in performance, particularly in public speaking, which can help students overcome with their fears and build up confidence in them. The other purpose of conducting the assembly is to provide the opportunity for the young ones to consider spiritual and moral issues, to develop community spirit and positive attitude. It helps reinforce school’s ethos, its values and its mission statement.

The day of primary section at Azaan, The Best International School begins with a class assembly in which students will be reciting a Surah from Quran, a Hadees, Asma Ul Husna to develop the spiritual values and they also learn everyday a new word and a General knowledge question as well. Along with all these every student will be given a chance to speak on the allotted topic on a rota basis. Students also share stories which convey good morals and messages. The objective of having all these things in the assembly is to improve the vocabulary, speaking skills and general knowledge of the students.

The students carry with them a beautiful value everyday in the form of “Thought for the day”.


Ms. Kaneez Siddiqua






NIOS - Akanksha


AIS - Retreat


AGIS -Young Hafez


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