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"Learn as if you were to live forever"

Posted 24-11-2017

A Step Ahead - What Education Means


What Education Means

I still remember that day when my father drove me to a place where I was handed over to a young lady. I looked at my father and he waived his hand and passed a smile. Till then, I did not understand what actually was happening. I did not know what the purpose was, to leave me there. But I remember crying till the end of the day.

For me it was a four- walled confined room, where my mother and father were nowhere to be found. It was a room with different faces that I had never seen before. It was a room which was more like a prison to me. It was a whole new different world.

This was my first day of school.

Later on, I grew up, I realized that the room I called the prison was a gateway to my freedom, to my success, to my rights, to live with pride in the society and I also realized that-

Education can give me everything and education can make me someone I wanted to be.

What else is required?

Education makes me confident and provides me strength to fight for my rights.

For me Education is everything


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