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Posted 17-11-2017

Consistent action creates consistent results

Consistent action creates consistent results..

                                                            Christine Kane

We believe in delivering quality and we are doing so. Azaan International School that is known as one of the best CBSE school in Hyderabad has implemented Daily Test practice for its students that is fetching us with good results as we analyse their performance from First Term Examination with the other.The Test is not graded and is being conducted to diagnose the shortcomings of the students and work upon. This is one of the strategies the school has followed since the beginning of this academic year wherein the schedule is such that each day one subject is evaluated as a part of the topic discussed the previous week. At Azaan International School every day, the first hour begins with the conduct of the test and then the regular classes are followed.  Hence, it has set a benchmark for the students to do excel in their academics.

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