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Posted 12-12-2017

A Step Ahead - Happiness Exists


Happiness Exists…But who can find it?

No person can find happiness except in himself, but he has to be guided to the best way of finding it, which may be summed up as the need to be sincere, courageous, hardworking, loving towards people, cooperative and unselfish. And he should have a conscience alone all else.

Happiness is not a myth. It is something which is real and is enjoyed by many.

We can enjoy it too, if we learn from experience and benefit from what we have gone through in life. If we are patient, we can explore and learn much from ourselves, we can rid our self from many physical and psychological diseases with knowledge, will power and patience, and we can live the lives Allah has given us without ingratitude, disobedience or misery.

“There is nothing more damaging to a woman’s beauty than anxiety that makes her look older than her age.”


Amena Sadiq

Red House Captain

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