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Posted 15-12-2017

A Step Ahead - Words Have Power


Words Have Power!

Prophet Mohammed (S.AW) said “A Muslim is the one who avoids harming other Muslims with his tongue and hands.”

“Words”.  Just a five letter word that has immense power in it. Words have power, words are power! And these powers lie within you. When a person speaks, his/her words might be so inspiring that they may change someone’s life or they might such; they could destroy someone’s life.

Do we ever think a million times before we speak? Well most of us don’t. You could spit poison and not know how your words might have affected someone, or you could speak words of kindness and not know, how many good deeds you have earned. It all depends on you; whether you would want to bring up a person from slumps of life and transform them into successful person or hurt them such that they never want to achieve anything in life.

If you slip your foot, you can recover your steps but, if you slip your tongue, you cannot recover your words. To speak wise, and good we must keep our mind clean and away from all negativity, because what we think reflects on what we speak. Let’s change someone’s life today! Let this be our Goal

Juveria Banu

Hira House Captain 










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