"Learn as if you were to live forever"

Posted 12-12-2017

A Step Ahead - Life Journey


This beautiful journey, the period between Birth and Death, starting from the womb of mother and ending in a colorless shroud. Life begins with a fragile soul in the body. Allah said everything has an end to it in this world, life being one of them ends too. Loving life wouldn’t be a sin but denying an end could be.

Life brings happiness, but sometimes sadness seems unbearable. Indeed a soul is never overburdened. In early stages of life where a child ripens into an adult like a fruit, might undergo several situations experiencing happiness as well as extreme sadness. It’s said that emotions and problems are just magnified in the view of bearer. We never know what life brings in.

So every morning turn off your alarm and wake up curious to find out about what Allah has written for you!

As everyday has a surprise and an unexpected story to add upon your life from Allah!


Shagufta Musarrat

Rayyan House Captain






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