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Posted 07-01-2018

A Step Ahead - Being Happy and Contented


A little that makes you happy is better than a lot that makes you miserable

The part of your life that really counts is that in which you are happy and contented. As you greed and panic, they do not count at all. They are bad for your health and rob you of your beauty.

Remain content with Allah (SWT) and with what is decreed for you; believe in Al-Qadr (the divine decree) and be optimistic about the future.

Be like a butterfly, which is light hearted and beautiful, not attached to mere things, it flies from flower to flower, from hill to hill, from garden to garden. Or be like a bee, which eats good and produce good things, when it lands on a branch or flower, it does not break it, it takes the nectar and does not sting and produces honey and does not sting, and buzzes with love and glad things, reflecting a sense of contentment as if it is a heavenly creature that has come down to earth.

Amena Sadiq

Suffa House Captain






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