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Posted 08-12-2017

A Step Ahead - Gratefulness


“If you are grateful, I will give you more.” Surah Ibrahim, verse 7

Long gone is the time when “Thank you” was said with the feeling of gratefulness. But today, it has just become a word. A word uttered for formality.

Today, we have everything we need for a living, but yet we are not at peace.


I feel, it is because we lack thankfulness. Yes, we do. Ask a visually impaired person; what it feels like staying in the world without being able to actually see the world, that person surely knows the value of those precious eyes we don’t care about. Ask a child in Syria or Rohingya, how hard life is for them and how they are devoid of going to schools, while here, we don’t realize how lucky we are that we get to go to school every day.

We all are having a wrong perception! We think that we are leading  the most difficult lives. But no, there are people who are facing more than we are!

Yet again, are we grateful that we have shelter, food and clothes?

Sadness comes to you so that you realize the value of happiness. Misery comes to you so that you should appreciate those moments when you are happy.

Remember, everything happened for a reason and matter what, you got to be patient and thankful, and that’s how we all, together can bring peace in this world full of chaos!

Take a moment to realize how blessed you are!


Juveria Banu

Hira House Captain










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