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Posted 21-01-2018

A Step Ahead - Time Flies


Time flies in busy daily life and we never realize

Time always runs, and stops for none. We all are lost into the race with time, our daily schedule and we end up so busy that we never take out time to realize how beautiful life is.

We never sit back and count our blessings and thank our lord, we never spend much quality time with our loved ones and family. We never sit alone and remember God.

What is happening to us? Why are we missing the essence of life?

Most of us today prioritize our work and jobs over our families because we want to live a materialistic life. We should know that sometimes immaterial things are more worth than material things. Spend time with your family and see how they twist your “Stressed” conditions to “Desserts” and bring sweetness even in your difficult times.

Verily, your life will become easy if you remember your lord every day. See how happy you would be, if you’d take time to value your parents more than any other thing.

Juveria Banu

Hira House Captain






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