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Posted 20-05-2020

Azaanians Learning Journey through the Lockdown.


Online learning can prepare students for a fast-changing future – wherever they are.


Azaanians Learning journey through the Lockdown.


The academic year 2020-21 ushered in great challenges for all the schools across the globe and Azaan was no exception.

The Lockdown could lock the classrooms and schools, but it could not lock the route of Learning.

“On the other side of the storm is the strength that comes from navigating through it. Raise your sail and begin”- Gregory Williams.

 While the schools cannot open until the lockdown lifts, we had to rise to the occasion and begin with what is called ‘Virtual Teaching’.

To keep the river of learning flowing, we at Azaan switched on to online teaching and learning. This transition to online teaching from the traditional approach was indeed a challenge to our educators. Nevertheless, they stepped up, took the challenge and showed a quick transformation which was exemplary.

Under the guidance of our IT Dept. the teaching fraternity got trained, embraced the new way of teaching & adapted themselves to digital teaching. They converted their teaching resources into digital platforms in a jiffy and were able to take the school to children. ‘A big salute to each one of the them’.

Classes for the first session began with the same gusto just like a normal session we hold in school.

The online classes were held in a structured manner by following a scheduled timetable.

In tandem to teaching, posting of home assignments, worksheets, notes & academic materials to the students was done systematically. The sessions promoted active learning as well by involving the students in hands on activities related to the subject concepts and sharing the same with their peers.

The first session of online teaching & Learning went on smoothly with an active participation of students and the cooperation of parents. It has also helped them to cope with their academic anxieties during this tough phase. The next session will commence on 1st of June 2020 and we hope to keep up the good work.

Whatever may be the scenario, Teaching & Learning goes on.

‘Every problem is like an oyster, with a pearl like opportunity hidden inside it’.



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