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Posted 26-02-2018

A Step Ahead - Sports are Fun


Most people who play a sport do it to have Fun. But it’s not always fun in sports. There can be plenty of pressure. It can be from your friends, parents or coach who expects you to win all the time.

Whatever the cause, the pressure to win can sometimes stress you to the point where you just don’t know how to have fun anymore.

It’s natural to feel some stress before a big game. That positive pressure can prepare us to do our best. It can help us rise to a challenge and met it with alertness, focus and strength.

But at times, there are more demands, and pressures then we can handle. Stress can pile up if the situation doesn’t have a specific end point. Ongoing stress can exhaust our energy and drive and it can interfere with doing our best. Enjoy the Game; chronic stress isn’t fun-and fun is what sports is all about. There are plenty of other benefits of playing sports like developing sportsmanship, learning to perform under pressure, practicing skills and working hard towards goals. Sports help us build self-Esteem, teamwork and strong relationships with team mates. Sure, it’s stressful at times, but it’s really worth it. Because its ale really fun.

Stress will always be a part of the competition and sports. But we can use stress to our advantage by dialing it back and managing it well. We can use stress to boost our performance rather than let it defeat us.

‘’Pressure is nothing more than the shadow of great opportunity ‘’ --- Michael Johnson


Sania Tahseen

Sports Captain - Best International School in Hyderabad.



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