Azaan International School

Sports and Activities

Outdoor & Indoor

Azaan has assembled an array of outdoor and indoor sports & games activities for students in collaboration with EDU SPORTS. Apart from daily physical routines the facilities offer expert coaching in various disciplines for sports enthusiasts. Outdoor sports include tennis, cricket, athletics, basketball etc. Indoor activities include table tennis, gymnastics, carom etc. Spirit of unity and team work is promoted amongst the wards via the sports activities.

Self Defence

Azaan offers updated martial arts exposure to students. A competitive spirit is instilled in students as they learn to manage various situations including confrontational events, travel safety, protective behavior training. Self-confidence and self-esteem of students receive a major boost courtesy the martial arts training.

Health and Wellness

At Azaan the guiding philosophy is ‘a sound mind in sound body’. A team of experienced medical professionals conduct regular health check camps including physical and dental checks. Physical instructors and sports trainers impart coaching in various disciplines put the kids through a tough regimen to attain ideal fitness levels. Overall, the concept of wellness and well-being is promoted amongst the students to make them fitter and tougher.

Co-Scholastic Activities

Co-scholastic activities at AIS are extensions of the classroom teaching. Co-scholastic activities range from Life Skills, Work Education, Visual and Performing Arts, Value Systems, Organizational & Leadership Skills, Dramas, Role Plays, Hobbies and Sports, etc. All students participate in co-scholastic activities on all week days. Club classes and Work Education classes, Inter House & Intra class competitions are scheduled on Fridays. Some of these intra class activities are also extended as Inter School competitions.


Co-Curricular & Co-Scholastic Activities / Events

  • Sports Day
  • Annual Cultural Event
  • Science Fair and Exhibition
  • Story Telling Competition
  • Story Writing
  • Fancy Dress
  • Celebration of National Festivals
  • Nasheed Competition
  • Surah Recitation
  • Sunnah Telling Competition
  • Martial Art National Championship
  • Olympiads
  • Field Trips
  • Hadith competition
  • Dua competition
  • No-fire Cookery Activities
  • Art and Craft
  • English/Hindi/Urdu/Telugu Literary Activities (Debate / Extempore / Elocution / Creative Writing etc.)
  • Eco Club (Vanamahotsav, Awareness on E-Waste, Best out of Waste etc.)
  • Social Service
  • Flower Making
  • Embroidery
  • Computer Hardware and Application 

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