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Azaan International School

Tarbiyah Programme for all


Tarbiyah may be defined as “the ideal approach in developing human nature, both directly through a method of verbal or visual communication, or indirectly through providing a role model, according to a specific curriculum that employs certain means and mechanisms in order to facilitate positive change.” Within an Islamic context, the ideal approach is that which Allah I used to develop his prophets,


Allah I said with regard to prophet Musa u:


                                        “… and you will be developed under our care”. (Surah Taha, 39).

This is the most important aspect of this section. The Institution takes this great responsibility to impart Tarbiyah, rectify the belief of our children and connect them to their Rabb. For this, the Institution conducts Khitab on Jumu’ah before Jumu’ah Salah, organizes a very special 5 and 10 day I’tikaaf programme in the month of Ramadhan every year and other workshops.

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