Where Education meets Spirituality

Azaan International School is an academic institute of excellence affiliated to the CBSE offering modern education in tandem with modern values. AIS which took shape in the year 2006 is now regarded as the finest academic destination offering quality education amidst top end amenities and a highly conducive environment. The school which has registered impressive growth owes its spectacular success to astute leadership, able governance, cumulative experience of the governing board and the unflinching faith reposed by parents of the students. Today AIS has come a long way and is deservingly recognized as the city’s best and largest school offering modern education. 

The school specializes in imparting wholesome education to shape students into well-developed professionals ready for future challenges. The curriculum encourages students to adhere to the code of conduct professed therein. AIS offers CBSE curriculum adhering to continuous & comprehensive evaluation (CCE) methodology. Common core state standards have been adapted as part of the curriculum to shape a robust platform of learning that aids in development of students on multiple fronts. High priority is accorded to enhancing students’ proficiency in reading and writing Arabic & Urdu languages. AIS’s in-house Islamiyat department constantly monitors and upgrades the language curriculum to enable the students to use Arabic/Urdu in day to day context. The school has plans to enrich its curriculum with the world renowned XSEED format to lend an extra edge to the learning experience of students.

AIS leverages excellent curriculum, new age methodologies, unparalleled teaching expertise and top notch facilities to offer a well-rounded learning experience; the ultimate aim is to groom a spiritually & intellectually superior generation next.

Mission Statement

To impart skill based and value based education so as to develop intellectual, social and compassionate global citizens.


Provide learning environment that empowers children to reach their educational and personal potential while nurturing their self-confidence and self-esteem.

To leverage world class infrastructure, skilled expertise, power packed curriculum and an innovative approach to shape a highly conducive learning environment that aids in intellectual, spiritual and moral development of wards.


To develop role models in all walks of life.

To be recognized as a forerunning academic centre of excellence imparting quality education and all round knowledge.


Piety and success. Provide a safe and nurturing environment.
Promote positive behavior and attitude. Demonstrate good values and work habits.